A new documentary feature film directed by Beyonce Knowles with a score by Ben

BAFTA Winner : Best Documentary Series.

Miguel Sapochnik's acclaimed short

Malachai -Return to the Ugly Side
Malachai -Return to the Ugly Side

\"ominous orchestral swells (courtesy of noted BBC composer Ben Salisbury) give Malachai a heretofore unheard force and sinister majesty\" (Pitchfork)

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Emmy nominated composer, Ben Salisbury, has forged a unique and highly successful career. He is best known as one of the countries leading film and TV composers, particularly in the field of Natural History, where he has scored over 50 films - including the last 3 of David Attenborough's 'Life Of…' series. He is also, though, involved with some of the UK's most interesting 'alternative' bands..

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Dolman album is released on Inflexion Point records. Ben has collaborated on an album with Malachai's Scott Hendy. According to Crack magazine \"Hendy and Salisbury are prodigiously talented, and thier exersises in sonic muscle-flexing are just as impressive\".

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\"I think it is one of the best scores there has been on any programme I have narrated, doing exactly what one hopes music will do in the circumstances - evoking atmosphere, enhancing drama, delighting the ear yet not dominating the picture.\" Sir David Attenborough on Ben's music for episode 3 of 'The Life Of Mammals'. Ben has just finished the score for a new Attenborough series...